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      About Us
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      Ming Fat Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. Nanjing
      TEL: (025) 58259528 FAX: (025) 58259335
      Nanjing Pukou District Pearl River Industrial Park (Wei 3 Road)
      Zip Code: 211800
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      Nanjing Ming Fat Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech development and environmental protection as a whole, in new materials development, production and sales of polymer modified cement-based dry chemical building materials manufacturers. Nanjing, the company is the largest, the largest professional manufacturer of building materials dry chemical one.

      Company has about 12,000 square meters standard factory building, 20 acres of productive land. The company has experienced in materials analysis, product formulation development and optimization of the professional team and modern management, professional staff. The dry powder company using advanced production technology, with new full automatic control of mechanized production equipment and complete and perfect packaging, warehousing, production line system. Laboratory equipment, fully furnished. Annual output more than 400,000 tons of ordinary mortar and 100,000 tons of special mortar in the production scale, quality, application technology and integrated services in all aspects of the industry leader.

      Universities with many domestic and foreign scientific institutions in scientific research, product development and product testing, and many Fangmian strategic cooperation of the European number Jianzhu, dry scientific research institutions, production enterprises established close contact with Pinqingzhiming company engineers, Zhuanjia Dang Jishu consultant. Professional production of capillary crystalline waterproofing mortar; tile adhesive mortar; external moisture mortar; self-leveling mortar; interior and exterior wall putty; color decorative mortar; interface processing agent registered trademark "MingFa" series products, supplied to the market standard products of this company Meanwhile, also according to customer's specific requirements at any time while the design and manufacture special formulations.

      Companies adhere to the professional spirit, people-centered care, focusing on products and services to every detail, quality of service for our customers tailor-made program. Senior experts stand ready to provide you with satisfied quality and price of products and the corresponding technical services. We uphold the "quality win, excellent service, reputable" business purposes. I believe "MingFa" products are building materials and construction development and progress of high-quality materials and green logo, but also must be your best choice. Let us work together to create a better future.

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