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      Contact us
      Ming Fat Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. Nanjing
      TEL: (025) 58259528 FAX: (025) 58259335
      Nanjing Pukou District Pearl River Industrial Park (Wei 3 Road)
      Zip Code: 211800
      Products >> interface treatment agent
      Multi-purpose interface treatment agent (MW11 Universal)

      1, with two-way compatibility, enhance the cohesive force between different standard;
      2, back cover, reduce the primary absorption pregnant, the use of economic;
      3, solvent-free environmentally friendly;
      4, anti-saponification, anti-moisture.

      Applicable to all porous absorbent walls and floors, can also be applied to lightweight concrete, wood panels, particle board, fiber cement board, gypsum whitewash, sandwich gypsum board, gypsum plaster, or the grass roots and remember absorbent primary cement plaster .

      Standard: Product quality in line with current national standards: JC/T907--2002

      Treating surface: base surface should be clean, dry, remove dirt, oil and other contaminants.

      Construction Description:
      1, clear water in proportion 1:1, after full dilution, with a brush or roller directly brushing "MingFa" general-purpose interface treatment agent MW11, to be on the high absorption primary brushing two times;
      2, according to the site environment, dry conditions, to be moist without effusion, which can processes the next construction;
      3 pre-treatment agent is dry, clean tools with water, if the interface treatment agent has dried, you can only use cleaning solvent or paint remover.

      1, appropriate to +5 degrees Celsius to +35 degrees C environment, construction, not wet on rainy days or when the roll over;
      2, note that in other weather conditions, curing and drying time will be extended or shortened.

      Packaging: 10 kg, 25 kg (plastic bucket)

      Normal dosage: 1 kg / 5 sq m (roll), the actual amount of water absorption and roll according to the number of grass-roots determined.

      Shelf life: Store in a cool dry place, not unsealed products can be stored for one year.
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